Fascinated by the characteristics of our time, Carola Paschold goes out in search of this flood of permanently changing impressions, looking at what the media and advertising industry have to offer, listening to current music trends, watching today’s cult films, clicking her way through the web and soaking up the worlds her daughters live in. In doing so, she is always on the look-out for expressive people authentically putting across that here-and-now feeling.

And these people end up as portraits on her XXL canvases, as icons of our times -– whether anonymous advertising models, political, business or media leaders, immigrants, teenagers, actors or singers. All portraits are faces of our times.

Portrait XXL is our collective visual memory.

All Paintings – Prices on request : mail@carolapaschold.com

Carola Paschold has been involved for years in supporting charity events and auctions. The following paintings have been sold in the gallery fifty-fifty in Düsseldorf: