Pascholds works have always impressed with their compositional self-performance and perfect craftsmanship. Carola Paschold works, thinks and feels in tune with the latest trends. All her works are hand-crafted, sometimes inspired by photographic templates, but never reproducing photos.

The idea underlying Paschold‘s works is something new, attributable more to Postmodernism and to the conceptual relationship between painting and photography. Her paintings cannot be counted as photorealistic, as Paschold uses the paintbrush to break with the illusionistic function of art representing reality, instead totally alienating and abstracting it and thereby creating an autonomous reality.

In Carola Paschold‘s new NY series, her compositional performance has gained even greater weight. Her latest works bear testimony to our fast-paced reality, reflecting the fascination that NY can have on people. They show the creativity, dynamism and above all the energy pervading this city. Looked at from a formal perspective, she uses artistic means which, by way of comparison, take us to new POP ART, though also with touches of street art. But the bottom line is that this is Carola Paschold‘s own distinctive style, an individual and self-inspired artistic expression.

Dr. Klaudia Nebelin


Portrait XXL

When Anna with pink-colored hair and lip piercing appears to the elitist Abi ball, is the expression of a whole generation. When people meet in Facebook, Twitter and co, it is the way of life today. It is alive, fast and full of visual impressions.

Carola Paschold is fascinated by the manifestations of our time. She senses the flood of ever-changing impressions, watching the media and advertising, listening to the latest music, watching the latest films, clicking through the net and taking part in the lifeworlds of her young daughters. She is always on the lookout for expressive people, who convey the feeling of being authentic. These people banned them in their large format portrait XXL as icons of their time. People are anonymous models from advertising, personalities from politics, business and the media, people with migration background, teenagers, actors and singers. They are faces of our time, like Anna. Carola Paschold’s paintings are dynamic and vibrant. They light up from the inside. The painting style reflects the aesthetics of pop culture. This is how Carola Paschold points to a feature of the present, the popular cultural expression of all areas of life, from infotainment to superstar. The extreme formats of the pictures cite the dimensions of large-format displays and advertising walls, as they are found, for example, on the walls of several buildings over several floors. The title of the series thus engages a further phenomenon of the present, the visual sprawl beyond traditional image boundaries into the public space.

With Portrait XXL, Carola Paschold explores this overlapping of different cultural and artistic spheres, combined with their constantly shifting valences. Portrait XXL are portraits of our changing present, embodied by people, as Posing and Action Subjects, as Various Actors and Unknowing Objects. Portrait XXL is collective image memory.

Stefanie Lucci